Introduction to Rate of Reaction

4.1  Introduction to Rate of Reaction
1. Chemical reaction: a process in which one or more reactants are converted to one or more products
  Chemical reaction   
  Reactant —————————→ Product  
2. The quantity of the reactant decreases while the quantity of the product increases in that reaction
3. Graphs of changes in quantities of reactant and product against time 

4. Similarities between fast reaction and slow reaction

  • Quantity of reactant decreases
  • Quantity of product increases

5. Differences between fast reaction and slow reaction

Rate of reaction is high because the reaction happens quickly Rate of reaction Rate of reaction is low because the reaction happens slowly
Takes a shorter time to complete Reaction time Takes a longer time to complete
6. Rate of reaction 
  Rate of reaction   
  \(\frac {\text {Change in the quantity of reactant or product}}{ \text {Time taken for the change to occur}}\)