Health Foods and Health Supplements

2.6  Health Foods and Health Supplements

1. Health foods: natural food substances in a normal diet that maintain health and do not contain chemicals substances

2. Health supplements: nutrients taken in the form of capsule, pill, liquid and powder in pre-determined doses

3. National Food Safety Policy

  • Enforces by Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health
  • This policy is aimed at protecting the public from
    • risks of consuming food and drinks which endanger the health
    • fake health foods and health supplements
  • The Drug Control Authority (DCA)
    • is entrusted to register and monitor health supplements and traditional medicine before being marketed
  • The Malaysian government monitors food quality through the 
    • Food Act 1983
    • Food Regulations 1985

4. Food Act 1983

  • to protect the public from dangers of health and fraud related to the preparation, sale and use of food, as well as any matters related to them

5. Food Regulation 1985

  • to help the public obtain food that is safe, of good quality, clean and free from any poisonous contaminants

6. Food label 

Name of food The name of food must be clear, accurate and not confusing
Nutritional quality Shows the nutritional quality of the product
List of ingredients Ingredients used in the product listed according to weight in descending order
Nutritional label Information about the nutritional content of the product
Statement on food additives All permitted food additives such as preservatives, colouring, flavouring, additional flavours, antioxidants, and conditioners should be stated.
Storing instruction Follow the recommended storing instructions
Statement on quantity/ weight/ volume Statement on the net weight or volume or minimum quantity of contents
Manufacturing information Name and address of manufacturer/packaging/agent (including imported product)
Expiry date Make sure that the chosen food is not past its expiry date.