Heimlich Maneuver



 Heimlich Maneuver
  Heimlich Maneuver
Definition Heimlich manoeuvre is an emergency procedure that is carried out to save an individual who is choking.
  • Holding the neck with both hands
  • Unable to speak or cough
  • Skin, lips and nails appear bluish or blackish
  • Difficulty in breathing
Caused by
  • Choking 
  • Blockage of food or foreign object that prevent oxygen from entering the lungs and head to brain damage
  1. Stand at the back of the victim
  2. Put your arms around the victim and clench a fist with your right hand
  3. Place your fist between the navel and ribs of the victim
  4. Press and jerk upwards
  • To dislodge the object stuck in the airways of the choky victim
  • Enable the victim to breathe again