Combined Events 

9.1  Combined Events 
  Combination of two or more events is an outcome.   

The posible outcomes for two pupils playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" are 

\(​​​​\begin{aligned} &\space \\\\& \text{Scissors, Rock}, \text{Scissors, Paper}, \text{Scissors, Scissors}, \\\\& \text{Rock, Scissors}, \text{ Rock, Paper}, \\\\& \text{Rock, Rock}, \text{Paper, Scissors}, \\\\& \text{Paper, Rock}, \text{and} \text{Paper, Paper} \end{aligned}\)

In general, 
\(n(S) = n(A) \times n(B)\)
  • \(n(S)\) is all the possible numbers of outcomes \(n(A)\) and \(n(B)\) represent the number of outcomes of event \(A\) and event \(B\).