Food Preservation

8.2  Food Preservation
  Food Preservation  
  Food preservation is a method of food processing that can prevent or slow down the life process of microorganisms  
  • Food that are preserved will last longer
Food Preservation
Methods of Food Preservation Explanation
  • Process of heating food at a high temperature
  • Example of food is rendang
  • Foods can be dried under sunlight or smoked with hot air to eliminate or remove water from the food
  • Examples of foods are fish, prawns and squids
  • Method that uses concentrated salt solution, sugar solution or vinegar to make the reproduction of microorganisms difficult
  • The concentrated sugar solution prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • Examples of foods are vegetables and fruits
Vacuum Packing
  • Method where air is removed from the pacakaging container
  • Bacteria cannot grow and reproduce since there is no air
  • Examples of foods are fruits and sausages
  • Process of keeping the food at freezing point or lower
  • Examples of foods are fish, chicken, meats and squids
  • Process of keeping the food in the surrounding temperature below 18 degree celsius
  • Low temperatures cause the microorganisms to be less active and slow to grow and reproduce
  • Examples of foods are fruits, eggs and milk
  • Process of removing moisture and prevent the growth of microorganims
  • Examples of foods are fish, vegetables and eggs
  • Process of coating fruitys or vegetables with a very thin layer of liquid wax
  • Examples of foods are fruits and vegetables
  • Process of drying the food with smoke for a long period of time
  • Examples of foods are meat and fish
  • Process of heating food to a certain temperature for some time and followed by rapid cooling
  • Examples of foods are milk and fruit juice
Canning and Bottling
  • Method of heating the foods at high temperature to kill the bacteria and fungi then the can or bottle is closed tightly to prevent the germs from entering
  • Examples of foods are meats, fruits and vegetables
Importance of Food Preservation Technology
  • The food are easy to keep and can be brought anywhere
  • Seasonal fruits can be enjoyed through out the year
  • Canned foods can overcome the problem of food supply during an emergency
  • Some foods that are produced by a country can be enjoyed in other countries