Food Spoilage

Food is the main basic need of humans. Balance food is important to supply energy, build the body and repair damaged tissues and prevent disease. Food can spoil if it is not kept properly. This chapter explain more on the causes of food spoilage, food preservation method and the importance of food preservation technology. 
8.1  Food Spoilage
Food will smell and spoil if it is not kept properly. Spoilt food can be detect by the sense of smell,sight,touch and taste.
  Characteristics of Spoilt Food  
  • Has bad taste
  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • Changed colour
  • Changed texture
  • Mouldy

Factors of Food Spoilage

  • Food will spoil when it is contaminated by microorganisms such as fungi or bacteria
  • Humid and hot conditions help bacteria and fungi to grow faster than usual