Time Zone

4.1 Time Zone
  • Use a clock face.
  • The time ends at the time of arrival.

Sumitha and her father board a bus in Tanjung Malim, Perak at 0930 hours. They are expected to arrive at Batang Kali, Selangor at 1015 hours. How long is their journey?



Puan Marlia attended a course from 4 March 2016 until 5 May 2016. How long did she attend the course? State the duration in:

 a) days

 b) months and days





  • The whole world is divided into 24 time zones. The time calculation starts at the 0º line, which is the Greenwich Line in England, United Kingdom.
  • Make sure the country’s location is either on the west or east.
  • Find the time difference.
  • Determine the operation.
  • If the country is located in the east, add the time difference to the time in the country.
  • If the country is located in the west, subtract the time difference from the time in the country.


According to the diagram above, what is the time in Kuala Lumpur if the time in London is 3.00 p.m. ?

  • Kuala Lumpur is in the east. The time difference is 8 hours.
  • Therefore, add 8 hours to the time in London.
  • The time in Kuala Lumpur = 3:00 p.m. + 8 hours
                                                    = 1500 hours + 0800 hours
                                                    = 2300 hours
  •  The time in Kuala Lumpur is 2300 hours or 11:00 p.m..


According to the same diagram above, state the date and time in Kuala Lumpur if the time in Osaka is 0030 hours on 31 March 2017.

  • Malaysia is located to the west of Osaka.
  • The time difference is 1 hour.
  • Therefore, subtract 1 hour from the time in Osaka.
  • The time in Malaysia is 2330 hours or 11:30 p.m. on 30 March 2017.