Reproduction and Growth in Human

  • Humans can reproduce and grow but every human has a different rate of  growth.


Reproduction and Growth in Human


Human reproduction

  • Humans carry out the reproduction process to continue their species existence and avoid extinction.
  • Human reproduces by giving birth. 


  • Growing is undergoing natural physical development by increasing in size, height and weight. 
  • The human body will changes from birth to adult.

Stages of growth

Infant → toddler → teenager→ adult

  • Changes will occur accordingly from baby, toddler, teenager, adult until old.

 Different Rate of Growth among Individuals

  • Growth among individuals is different although they are of the same age.

  • Child growth is affected by their food. One child might have more growth compared to others. 

A child who was feed healthy food has a better rate of growth compared to a child who was feed with unhealthy and unbalanced food. 



  • Inheritance is a feature or characteristic that we inherited from our parents or ancestor.

  • A child will inherit traits from mother, father or its heredity. Therefore, a human offspring might have the same feature as his or her parents and ancestor. 
  • Example of inheritance:- 
  1. Amy is the daughter of Nancy and Jason. 
  2. She inherited her hair colour from her mother which is black.
  3. She inherited her iris colour from her father which is blue. 

Examples of Inherited Features

  • Offspring inherit features such as iris colour, skin colour and hair type from their parents or ancestor.

Examples of characteristics that can be inherited:-

  1. Hair type
  2. Hair colour
  3. Colour of iris
  4. Colour of hair