Substraction within 10 000

2.2  Substraction within 10 000

There are various methods to solve suitable substraction operations for numbers up to 10 000

  • Using an abacus
  • Using common forms
Examples of questions and solutions to substraction operations

Arman has sold  \(453\) stem pieces out of \(1\,789\) stem pieces he has. How many stems have not been sold?

Mathematical sentences: \(1\,789\space-\space453\space=\space\underline{\quad\quad}\)

  Using an abacus    
  Using common forms \(\begin{array} {rr} \quad \\1\,\space\space7\space8\space9 \\-\quad\space\space\space4\space5\space3 \\\hline\space1\,\space\space3\space3\space6 \\\hline \end{array} \)  
  • When 0 is substract to any number, the answer is the number itself