Addition within 10 000

2.1  Addition within 10 000

There are various methods to solve suitable addition operations for numbers up to 10 000

  • Using an abacus
  • Using common forms
Examples of questions and solutions to addition operations
Birds 1 382
Elephants 6
Crocodiles 15
Monkeys 104

The table above shows the number of animals in a zoo. How many birds and monkeys are there?

Mathematical sentences: \(1\,382\space+\space104\space=\space\underline{\quad\quad}\)

  Using an abacus    
  Using common forms \(\begin{array} {rr} \quad \\1\,\space\space3\space8\space2 \\+\quad\space\space\space1\space0\space4 \\\hline\space1\,\space\space4\space8\space2 \\\hline \end{array} \)  
  • When 0 is added to any number, the answer is the number itself