Problem Solving

4.4  Problem Solving
Example 1

Find the duration, in centuries and years, between \(6\frac{7}{10}\) centuries and 9.8 centuries.


To find the duration, the smaller term will be substracted from the bigger terms.

\(9.8\text{ centuries} - 6\frac{7}{10}\text{ centuries}=\Box\text{ centuries }\Box\text{ years}\)

We need to standardize the unit of all terms.

\(6\frac{7}{10}\text{ centuries}\to6.7\text{ centuries}\)


\(9.8\text{ centuries} - 6.7\text{ centuries}=\Box\text{ centuries }\Box\text{ years}\)

\(\begin{array}{lr} &9.8\text{ centuries}\\ -&6.7\text{ centuries}\\ \hline&3.1\text{ centuries} \end{array}\)

Convert 3.1 centuries to centuries and years.

\(3.1\text{ centuries}\to3\text{ centuries}(0.1\times1000)\text{ years}\)

\(3.1\text{ centuries}\to3\text{ centuries}100\text{ years}\)

Example 2

The effective date of the Movement Control Order (MCO) Phase 1 in Malaysia is from 18 March 2020 to 31 March 2020. How long, in days, is the MCO Phase 1?


Start Date : 18 Mac 2020
End Date : 31 Mac 2020

Because the date is in the same month, then we can do a simple subtraction operation

Mathematic Equation :

\((31-18)+1=14\text{ days}\)

Therefore, the MCO Phase 1 is 14 days long.