This topic will give you some knowledge about essay writing and its format. 

 Different Types of Writing

  • In this part, the writing can be one of the following:
  1. Email
  2. Review
  3. Journal
  4. Processes & Procedures
  5. Letters (Informal & Formal)
  6. Report
  7. Postcard
  8. Stories (Narrative, descriptive)
  • Below are some format of the essays writing:


  • People write emails to exchange digital messages using digital devices such as computers and mobile phones.
Write the sender’s and receiver’s email addresses.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]
Include the subject line. Subject: Trainee Recruit
Give an informal salutation. Hello Big Hiit,


State the purpose.

    I would like to address the promotional poster your company sent out, which was to recruit new trainees. I am writing this e-mail to inform you of my genuine interests to join.

Body (The details):

Give details of the purpose.

    To tell briefly about myself, I am extremely experienced in dancing and singing. I have a really strong will to learn and therefore, have earned myself multiple certificates in the dancing industry.  (Continue...)


State your feelings and hopes. 

End with a note of thank you.

    I hope to hear good news from your company. Thank you for your time and have a good rest of your day.



Trainee 2




  • A review is an individual’s response to a work of art, film, book, occasion, or place. The reviewer projects his/her ‘judgment’ and the reader does not have to agree with the comments.

  • Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to answer this type of essay:

  1. Think of a catchy, suitable title for your review.
  2. Introduce what you are reviewing - a book, film, occasion, place.
  3. Describe with more detail what you are reviewing. 
  4. Conclude with your negative or positive opinion, recommendations, suggestions. 

Report of Survey

  • A survey is usually conducted to collect important data about certain trends, fashions, habits, attitudes, or opinions.
  • Here are some tips and techniques that can be used to answer this type of essay:
  1. Find out why the survey was carried out.
  2. State who the survey respondents are.
  3. Find the highest and lowest percentage or number.
  4. Make comparisons between data found. 
  5. Analyze the information.
  6. State your suggestions or recommendations. 

Informal Letters

  • An informal letter is written to people who are close to you or whom you are familiar with. 
  • Here is the format of writing this type of essay:

34, Jalan Puri,

Taman Warisan,

65790, Petaling Jaya.

Sender's address
6 Mac 2021. Date
Dearest Alice, Salutation


Introductory paragraph 


State the reason for writing


Body of the letter


Give necessary details


Concluding paragraph
Your friend, Complimentary close
Jesica Signature

Formal Letters

  • Formal letters are written on official matters, such as making a complaint, asking for permission, making inquiries, or applying for jobs. 
  • Here is the format of writing this type of essay:

Roy Pettyson,

No.3, Taman Jaya,

89790, Petaling Jaya.

Sender's name and address

Celine Mayor,

The Penguins Book,

89790, Kuala Lipis,

Pahang.                                                                                                                                                                              25 June 2021. 

Recipient's designation and address


Dear Sir/Maam,  Salutation
Complaint on the Inequality of Gender Portrayal in The Dawn Saga Subject


Introductory paragraph


Body of the letter: State your reason for writing


Give evidence/ suggestions/ opinion/etc


Conclude the letter
Thank you.   
Yours faithfully,  Complimentary close
Roy Signature
(ROY PETTYSON) Name in capital letters + position