Synonym and Antonym



1.1    SYNONYM

Synonym (SAME meaning)

A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. 


For example: 

     WORDS           SYNONYMS     
Shut Close
Kind Nice
Noisy Loud
Glad Happy
Fast Quick
Afraid Scared
Centre Middle
Enjoy Like
Equal Same
Rock Stone
Gigantic Enormous
Wide Broad
Dangerous Risky
Weak Feeble
Slim Slender
Penalty Fine
Just Fair
Genuine Real
Strange Weird
Willing Eager
Whirlpool Vortex
Worker Labourer
Jail Penitentiary
Restroom Lavatory
Absurb Preposterous
Terrorize Oppress
Discrimination Apartheid
Enthusiastic Vigorous
Genocide Massacre
Casualty Disaster
1.2    ANTONYM

Antonym (OPPOSITE meaning)

A word opposite in meaning to another.

     WORDS           ANTONYMS     
Bad Good
Anger Happiness
Large Small
Unhappy Glad
Give Take
Heavy Light
Add Subtract
Hungry Full
Tall Short
Over Under
Encourage Discourage
Blunt Sharp
Foolish Wise
Dull Bright
Coward Brave
Certain Doubtful
Debate Agree
Havoc Peace
Bury Excavate
Absurb Sensible
Comfort Agony
Multiply Lessen
Neglect Cultivate
Disappoint Gratify
Scarcity Myriad
Inconvenient Beneficial
Seldom Often
Timid Bold
Humble Condescending
Overlook Identify