Verb is a word or phrase that describes an action, condition, or experience. In other words, verbs are action words.  
1.1    VERB

The words dance, like, talk and cook are verbs.

For example:

a. Anisah loves to dance in the rain.

b. I like Hanis but I don’t like her brother much.

c. She loved to hear him talk about the old days.

d. I would rather cook a nice meal and stay here with you.


There are more verbs such as:

Play, clean, hops, lives, crawl, listen, love, brush, move, bathe, cry, pull, walk, climb, use, jump, breathe, help, hatch, look, cuddle, call, ask, carry, work, etc.

1.2    VERB-TO-BE
  Am, is, are, was and were are called verbs 'to be'.  
          Present Tense                     Past Tense          

i. Am:

- I am nine years old.

i. Was:

- I was late.

- She was late.

- He was late.

- It was late. 

ii. Is

- She is a good girl.

- He is a good boy.

- It is a good cat.

ii. Were:

- You were late.

- We were late.

- They were late.

iii. Are:

- You are happy.

- We are happy.

- They are happy.

  Has, have and had are forms of the verb 'to have'.  
          Present Tense                     Past Tense          

i. Have:

- I have a bike.

i. Had:

- I had a bike. 

ii. Has

- She has dinner.

- He has a plate of rice.

- It has a bowl of salad.

ii. Had:

- She had a garlic bun.

- He had a cup of tea.

- It had a bowl of water.

iii. Have:

- You have a brother.

- We have some books.

- They have a sister.

iv. Had:

- You had a red bag.

- We had two pets.

- They had a computer.