We use conjunctions to join two words, phrases, clauses, or sentences together.  
1.1    AND


- To join words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.

For example:

a. Arun and Amir are my friends.

b. I am hungry and thirsty.

c. He ran and fell on the ground.

1.2    OR


- To show a choice between two things.

For example:

a. You can walk or take the bus.

b. Do you want a biscuit or a sweet.

1.3    BUT


- To join opposite ideas.

For example:

a. Aida wants to play outside but it is raining.

b. He called me but I wasn't home.

1.4    BECAUSE


- To show reason.

For example:

a. Emma got all As because she studied very hard.

b. My mother cannot send me to school because she is sick.



- To show contrast.

For example:

a. Elena will be coming tonight, although I do not know exactly when.

1.6    SINCE


- To show cause and effect.

For example:

a. Since we have got a few hours to wait for the bus, let's have a cup of tea.

1.7    FOR


- To show reason.

For example:

a. I trust him, for he is an honourable man.

1.8    YET


- To join sentences that show contrast.

For example:

a. The buffalo is strong, yet it is humble.

1.9    SO


- To show result.

For example:

a. Josie completed all her chores so she could go out.

b. We kept quiet about the news so we could give you a surprise.

  Correlative conjunctions are paired conjunctions used to link two words or phrases of equal value from two sentences to form one sentence.  

'Either ... or' is used in a positive sentence when we make a choice between two options.

For example:

- We can either eat now or after the show.


'Neither ... nor' is used in a negative sentence where two or more things are not true.

For example:

- I neither know nor care what's happened to him.


A phrase is a group of words which does not make sense on its own. It does not contain a verb.

For example:

Up the stairs, in a minute, with my mother.


A clause is a group of words that contains a verb. It is part of a sentence.

For example:

I went to the playground (1 clause)

because I wanted to play football. (1 clause)

(went and wanted are verbs)