• There are three essential elements on earth, namely soil, water and air. These three elements are very important for life on earth.




  • Water is the basic need for living things. Hence, it is an important element on earth. 

Sources of Water 

  • There are multiple sources of water.

Water flow 

  • Water flows from the higher ground to the lower ground. 
  • For example, rain on the top of the hill causes the water to flow down to the valley, hills and the little stream. 
Natural Direction of  Water Flow

Rain → Waterfall (On mountain or hills) → River (Lowland) → Sea


Natural Water Cycle 

  • The natural water cycle is a continuous cycle that supplies water to living things and cools down the earth. 
  • Importance of natural water cycle 

For drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning and other daily activities.


Reduce the surrounding temperature


Farming and gardening


Supply water to the river and lake for human use