• There are many different types of mixtures around us and the ways of separating mixtures vary according to the type of mixture.



  • A mixture is when two substances are mixed in a container. 

Method to Separate a Mixture

  • The are various methods that we can use to separate a mixture. 
  • Methods to separate a mixture:-
1.   Handpicking 
    - To separate two big-sized materials. 
2.   Sieving
    - To separate fine-sized materials and large-sized materials. 
3.   Separate mixture using a magnet 
    - To separate a mixture that can be attracted by a magnet.
4.   Floatation
    - To separate materials that can float from materials that sink.
5.   Filtration
    - To separate solid materials from liquid material

Soluble and Insoluble Materials 

  • Some materials can dissolve in water such as salt and sugar. 
  • Some materials cannot dissolve in water such as stone, beans and sand. 
Materials that dissolve in water Materials that cannot dissolve in water

Materials that Dissolve More Quickly

  • The solubility of the materials is affected by the temperature of the water, the size of materials and the stirring. 
The temperature of the water

The hotter the liquid the faster the materials will dissolve. 

The substance will dissolve slower in cold water. 

Size of the substance

The larger the size of the materials, the slower the materials will dissolve. 

Smaller size substance will have a faster rate of solubility. 


The substance that is stirred when mixed in the liquid will dissolve faster than unstirred substances.