Growth of plants

  • Plants are an important life force for the earth and they also grow in stages.


Growth of plants


The importance of plants 

  • Plants are living organisms like trees, shrubs and mosses. 
  • Plants play an important role in humans and animals' life. 
  • Plants are important to humans and animals because:- 



Source of food for humans and animals


- Plants produces fruits and leaves that become the source of food for humans and animals. 




As habitats for animals


- Forest is the natural habitats and shelter for wild animals. 




Source of air 


- Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen into the air. 




Source of medication 


- Humans and animals use plants like herbs as medications. 

  • Other functions of plants are the source of raw materials for multiples products.

For examples:- 

  • Rubber to make tire 
  • Cotton to make the thread
  • Woods to make furniture & house

Basic Needs for Seeds to germinate 

  • In order for a seed to germinate, the basic needs of the seed needed to be met. 

A plant's growth

  • Plants will undergo changes when growing. 
  • The growth of the plant can be observed. 
  • For examples:-


Stages of plant's growth 

  • Following is the stage of plant's growth:-

Growth stages of a tomato plant 


Basic needs for a plant's growth 

  • In order for a plant to grow, the basic needs of the plant needed to be met. 
  • Other than the basic needs, plants also need nutrients, spaces and are free from pesticides to grow healthily.