Chapter 9: Data Management

In the topic of data collected and used based on everyday situations, tally are used to collect simple data.
9.1  Collect, Classify and Arrange data
  • Data is a group of information or data.
  • Tally is a mark made while counting so that there is no mistake in counting.


Based on the picture above, we can find out the information in the table below.

Games Tally Number of Player
See saw II 2
Slide III 3
Sand castle II 2

In addition, we can also collect data on female and male players.

9.2  Pictograph
  • A pictograph is a diagram that has a picture or symbol in it.
Example of Pictograph

The pictograph below shows games that a group of children liked.


From the pictograph clues, we can know 1 smile circle represents 1 person.

Thus, using pictographs students can find out the number of children who liked each of the games.

9.3  Problem Solving
Example of Question

The pictograph shows the number of basketball club members for year 1 by class.

Which class has the least number of members?

We can see that the image of a basketball represents a person.

So, we need to count the number of basketball images in each class to get the lowest number among them.

The class that has the fewest members of the basketball association is 1 Bestari which is 2 people.