Chapter 4: Money up to RM 10 000

This topic relates to the use of money up to RM 10 000 in daily life.

  • Money is a tool of exchange used in transactions.
4.1  Notes and Coins

Similarities and differences between the four types of coins.


Each number on money indicates the value of that money.


Currency exchange is done when only one coin or banknote is accepted.

  • Money exchange is giving and receiving money of equal value.

For example, Ali wants to buy drinking water that costs RM1.00 at a water machine. Therefore, Ali has to find an exchange of money equal to RM1.00.

4.2  Addition and subtraction involve money

A source of money is money earned from a job or a person and discuss the source of student money.

Method to get money
  • Celebration money
  • Gifts from parents
  • A gift from grandfather
  • Sales money
  • Pocket money

Take a record of money is also important for future memory and reference.


We should keep money safe and manage money prudently.

Let us not be extravagant people who like to spend extravagantly.

4.3  Problem solving
There are various strategies for problem solving, always involving the question of a transaction involving money.
Contoh Soalan


The price of a toy car is \(\text{RM}215\). Naufal wants to buy \(8\) toy cars. How much money does it cost?

We need to calculate the total price for \(8\) toy cars.

So, we need to use multiplication. \(\text{RM}215\) is the price of a toy car, multiply by \(8\) to get the total price for \(8\) toy cars.

The decimal point separating ringgit and sen must be placed correctly after the multiplication of the values of money is performed.

\(\begin{array}{rr} \text{RM }\;\;\,\space2\space1\space5\space.\space0\space0 \\\times\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\quad\space8 \\\hline\text{RM }1\,\space7\space2\space0\space.\space0\space0 \\\hline \end{array}\)

From the calculation,