Heat Flow and Thermal Equilibrium


9.2  Heat Flow and Thermal Equilibrium
Heat Flow
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Conduction Convection Radiation
The process of heat transfer from hotter regions to colder regions through a solid medium Heat is transferred by the movement of fluid (liquid and gas) from hotter regions to colder regions The process of transferring heat without any medium

Heat Flow in Natural Phenomena

  1. Sea Breeze
  2. Land Breeze

Heat Conductors and Heat Insulators

Heat Conductor Heat Insulator

Materials that allow heat flow are known as heat conductors

Example : 

Mercury in thermometers is a good heat conductor. It can detect change in temperature very quickly

Materials that prevent heat flow are known as heat insulators

Example :

Oven gloves that are heat insulators can prevent our hands from getting scalded while taking food trays out from the oven

Thermal Equilibrium

What is Thermal Equilibrium?
  • Objects are in thermal equilibrium, when there is no transfer of heat energy between the objects