Science Year 2

Kemahiran Saintifik
Cikgu Harizah Teaches in Malay
Thursday 21 May 2020 09:00 pm Completed Class

Lima kemahiran saintifik ialah memerhati, mengelas, mengukur, berkomunikasi dan kemahiran manipulatif.

Tutor's Profile : Cikgu Harizah

Profession : Master Student in Science Education
Qualification : I have graduated with BSc (Physics) with Education from the University of Malaya. I currently continue my study in Science Education.

Teaching Experience : More than 2 Years
I am a Private Tutor for subjects Physics and Mathematics since 2017, I used to be a Secondary School Teacher for Physics and Science, University of Malaya SMART Tutor committee, Research Assistant for Education in National University of Malaysia and Dean's Listed for each semester (During Master). Recently I have been nominated as Best Video Presenter Award for international conference level (ICEELST2020).
I always involved in online teaching as a student for the lecture class. I used with Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Meet.

Spoken Language :
Malay English

Target Student :
Good Average Below average